Monday, March 9, 2009

Iridescent Paints

Nancy offered to let me use some of her iridescent and duochrome paints from Daniel Smith. I was so impressed with her plastic storage paint box.

Mine looks like this

and I must admit I spend a considerable amount of time searching for a tube I'm looking for.

Nancy thought the iridescent paints might work well for a hummingbird painting so I gave it a go.

I didn't like the effect so much on the bird itself and ended up painting it in the conventional manner but almost everything else in the painting has a bit of the iridescent paint.


  1. I have to box of paints is worse than yours, Floy! But...I DO use a few iridescent pigments on my paintings. My most used is "Iridescent Electric Blue". it has been perfect for the wings of a bee in a sunflower, the dusty surface of a blueberry, and the reflections in a plum.

  2. We should have a 'paintbox face-off'. See who in the gallery has the worst.